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changing priority directly in table

I have about 40 tickets that I would like to change the priority status.  I thought I could go into one of the tables and change the priority directly.  I tried changing ost_ticket__cdata table but that didn't work.  Which is the correct table to change priority status?


  • Ticket priority is stored in this table: %prefix%_form_entry_values
  • edited February 18
    Micke101, thanks for the info.  Yes, changing %prefix%_form_entry_values table did update the ticket priority and I can see the new priority when I click on the ticket details.

    However, the new priority is not showing up on the main open ticket listing.  Lists the old priority for the ticket.  Any ideas how to fix?

    Another related question, is there a way to change the priority of a ticket without changing the due date? The standard ticket edit form requires a new date if I change the priority.
  • Anyone else has any ideas to make changes to priority?
  • same problem..
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