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Mod for Custom Org / User Types

Does anyone know if there is a plugin/mod to extend orgs/users to add custom types to each?

Purpose: To use orgs/users but be able to filter by type (customer/vendor/subcontractor) and use in custom lists while being able to collect all the info that is already field values within these 2 default types.

Thank You.


  • I haven't seen a plugin/mod that does this. 
    Note: I dont think that this could be a plugin though.

    You could add a custom field to Organizations, and then maybe us the Adv Search to filter on it.  Or at least that would give you a better idea how it could be done.
  • Any way to use the filter for dynamic lists as well doing it this way?
  • "filter for dynamic lists"
    What's this?

    osTicket has Lists, it does not have a "dynamic list" feature.
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