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Hi everybody,

I have a question,
Is possible we make the followup by trigger a question form to the user when the staff closes the tickets?

Today we are doing manually so I have a person that reopen the ticket, calling a user and asking about the service if it was done and what was the general, qualification.

So I think maybe there now or in the future a way to trigger for a user a questionary asking about the service and etc.

Thanks in advance.


  • I haven't read much of the code but i remember this thread, it claims to have integration with limesurvey, so maybe something like that?

    I wish there would be more signals from osticket cause then it would be easy to make a plugin to do this without core modification.
  • "Is possible we make the followup by trigger a question form to the user when the staff closes the tickets? "

    This is not a feature in osTicket at this time, and quite honestly probably will not be.  Staff would use a canned response when they close the ticket and it does the same sort of thing.
  • Tks Micke1101 will see the possibility of LimeSurvey.

    ntozier tks for your answer I will figure out way the implement with a canned response.
  • Ours was (we discontinued it) a simple:

    "This ticket has been resolved and closed.  Please click on this link to fill out a short (2 minute) survey about this ticket. ; Thank you."

    Then the agent would click on Closed.

    If you go to the survey site you can actually figure out from their docs how to make the link push the ticket # using the link and then you can link the feed back to a specific ticket.
  • We did something similar at @Micke1101 with LimeSurvey and were able to pass Ticket# and Department information directly to the survey using variables in the URL that we placed in the canned response.

  • Please Mr. blueyeguy is possible you detail this solution please, it appears will work for me. 
  • edited February 22

    We created a survey in LimeSurvey, then in our canned response we created a URL using osTicket variable to pass the information into the appropriate sections of the survey.

    http://[our survey site]/survey/index.php?r=survey/index/sid/959638/959638X1X18/%{ticket.dept}/959638X1X7/%{ticket.number}

    959638 is the Survey ID
    959638X1X18/%{ticket.dept}  indicates the Survey ID, Question Group ID (1), Question Number ID (18)

    And then set the question as Always Hidden so they don't see the question while taking the survey.

  • Ok blueyeguy thanks very much for your help.
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