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Need to add a Print Invoice button


I am using V1.10 and in Agent screen, under Tickets -> Print Icon on the top right, I would like to add a third line 'Print Invoice' linking to my custom php file for invoice

... tickets_report.php?id=<ticket_id>&a=print and send the output to PDF, or open the php in a new page.

Can some one guide me which file to modify for that sub-menu? If you could even help me with the code, that would be much appreciated.


  • "in Agent screen, under Tickets -> Print Icon on the top right,"
    There is no print icon following this path.

    Perhaps you mean Agent screen, click on any ticket, Then expand the "Print icon" and add a third option there?  Like this:


    If so then you would search the project source for the string before it.
    Which tells you

    circa line 79-96.
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