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[resolved] Block users to reopen a 'Resolved' ticket

Hello guys,

Is it possible to block people to reopen a 'Resolved' ticket? I cannot found an option for it.

Many thanks




  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists -> Ticket Statuses -> Closed -> Item Properties
    uncheck "Allow reopen"
    Click Save.

    However this means that new tickets will be generated when they try to re-open the ticket.

  • Hi ntozier,

    Does it mean users cannot reopen the normal 'Closed' ticket neither?

  • Yes.  That is what it means.

    Alternately you can always add your own custom status.  We have one called "Close - No Reopen"
  • oh, I can see it's configurable for different status
  • ntozier thanks for your help
  • Very welcome.  Should I mark this as resolved and close it?
  • Yes please.
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