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Setting up HTTPS on OSTicket

We are running OSTicket 1.10.1 and are looking to goto HTTPS. Are their any step by step guides on how to configure OSTicket for HTTPS access please?


  • HTTPS is handled at the server level, not the application level.
    As such I am not aware of any documentation for making any application configuration changes for it.

    I'm sure that other people have done this so feel free to search the forums and github for more information.
  • Thanks ntozier. I might not have explained myself clearly. We are looking to make our osticket more secure via ssl cert etc..
  • And that is not something that you do at the application level.  That is something that you do at the server level.  Certs are installed at the webserver level and HTTPS configuration of sites occurs at the webserver level.
  • Thanks. So what changes do I need to make to make to osticket itself if I install cert on the server?
  • edited February 22
    After you make the webserver configuration changes, and install your cert and ONLY AFTER, You change the Helpdesk URL in the Admin panel at: Admin panel -> Settings -> Helpdesk URL
  • Thanks - understood.
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