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How Merge two tickets into one ?

Hi fellows I have a question about tickets.
As a part of one solution the ostickets recive from a custumer an invoice by e-mail and create a ticket, but when the bank sistem send a payment transfer confirmation  the system creats a new ticket and Im trying to figure out how merge the ticket from custumer (invoice) and the ticket from bank (payment).


  • osTicket does not have a merge feature currently.  We handle it internally by updating one of the tickets saying: "This is a duplicate ticket please see ticket #foo.  Closing duplicate ticket."  Then we go to the other ticket.  Copy and paste the information (if there is any) from the other ticket, and add the person to it as a collaborator.

    There is also a community members Merge ticket pull request (PR) on giuthub that adds a merge ticket functionality but I do not know if it is going to be accepted into core.

  • Ok tks a lot.
  • Very welcome. :)  HAve a great weekend
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