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"Access denied" message for new Agents with numeric username.

Dear osTicket community,

I did three independent installations of osTicket 1.10 (latest): my laptop and server (latest Debian and Centos), and at

In every installation, I had the same behavior: No login possible with new fresh agents account and "Access denied" message came up.

It turns out the username I used was written only with numbers (ie. 25689205) and the message "Access denied" showed up no matter what simple was the password. After a lot of time, tried changing the username with letters and periods (ie. jose.diaz.u) and voilá! ... Login did work properly.

Question: Does exist a known restriction about usernames written only with numbers?, Is this documented anywhere?

By the way ... great work! ... Congrats to osTicket team.


José G.



  • Q: Does exist a known restriction about usernames written only with numbers?, 

    A: Yes.  osTicket assumes that a string of numbers is a ticket number.

    Q: Is this documented anywhere?

    A: Yes. 

  • Dear ntozier, thanks for pointing me to this threads.

    As I can see, there is a "work in progress" about using usernames with numbers.

    The last update about this suggests that numeric usernames are not handled in 1.10 version. However, some people did "php code changes" in previous versions but has not been incuded in the latest official release.

    So, the "out-of-the-box" solution is to keep usernames with "not only number" rule.


    José G.
  • That was my take on it as well. :)
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