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Gravatar usage question

How to synchronize with my Gravatar accounts


  • I don't know the answer to this.  I would think that it would check when someone logs into osTicket, I doubt that it would be every page load as that would get network intensive.
  • I think I'm the only agent we have who uses Gravatars however I have our instance set under Admin Panel -> Settings -> Agents to be "Gravatar / Identicon" as I liked that one best for agents who don't have a Gravatar set.

    Not sure on how often it checks for the Gravatar, fairly regularly I suspect, and certainly at least every login.
  • edited February 25
    I want for my staff to use Gravatar to show their real foto.
    But the problem is that they have account whith different login/password then in osTicket instalation used in our company.

    And I do not see any possibility te set login/password which should be used for gravatar account.

    And this is the real problem.

  • ummm... gravatar doesnt need usernames and password, its based on email address.
    One creates a gravatar account, uploads their photo and that photo is now associated with that email address.  No one logs into a gravatar account except to update their photo occasionally.  Software like osTicket can fetch and use the photo associated with the email address, bu tit does not have to log into their account to do so.
  • Do you think is it good or bad behavior ?
    I mean in security meaning ?

  • I do not have an opinion about the implementation of the Gravatar API as I have never implemented or used it my own code, nor have I done any in depth reading about it.  You can do so on their webpage.

    Here is a link (found via google) that talks about how to request a gravatar image.
  • Thanks for your findings.

    This is looking like this hashing system was what I was asking for.
    But I thought this hashing system is implemented in osTicket.

    For now I think I need to find some spare time to make few other test to find out how exactly osTicket is working.

    Maybe some other user of this forum with experience on how to use Gravatar in osTicket will give more hints.

  • It's one of those things that just works out of the box.  I never dug into it since it just worked.
  • We don't use them at all. 

    It would be nice to be able to upload and set an avatar in the system, but I don't really want to have to create another account at another site with another password I will never remember, because I will never log into it often enough, just so I can have an avatar in osTicket.

  • I can imagine that in many cases Gravatar will be a big NO NO NO.

    Gravatar is good if somebody like to have Globally unique Avatar but for private usage.

    The problem is when it comes to bussiness,  when company which use osTicket would like to have personalized AVATAR for their staff.

    For example, the photo should be taken in an official outfit, against the company's logo.

    Personally I try to use unique Avatar on forums which I'm involve, but this avatar is completly inappropriate when it comes to my bussines communication with my clients.

    I never used Gravatar before so I wanted to use them for my bussines .
    But I still have problems with using Gravatar+osTicket.

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