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Blank modals in OS Ticket

Modals appear blank in OS Ticket. I cannot set password or configure widgets.

Version 10.1
Server - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


  • Then you likely have an AJAX configuration issue in your Apache configuration.  Those pop ups are handled via AJAX.  Are you running mod_security or SELinux?
  • Q: Is there some problem with using NGINX? 
    A: Other than it is not supported by osTicket at this time, and doesn't work out of the box, no.  If you are using nginx you would have to go to git hub and read through the various threads where people posted how they got things working by altering the nginx configuration files.
  • I switched to apache. Works like charm. I hope I can make nginx work someday.
  • I'm sure you could.  You would just need to understand the nginx configuration files and go read the threads I mentioned.  Then see where the two configs differ.
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