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all agents are show when there are exists no teams when assigning ticket to team


first of all thank you the devs of osticket for such an awesome system, although it's not perfect, but hey who is , already a big shoutout to them.

Well, i think i found a bug, so we have no teams, but if a user wants to assign a ticket to a team while there exists no team, all agents are shown in the dropbox, this is not correct, as if we would assign it to a user only the users of the department would be shown, tested it with a team and that it shows only that team , no agents.


No teams exists ;
Assign to team --> all agents are shown that exists in osticket (not correct, no teams and no users should be shown)
Assign to user --> users of department to which ticket is part of are shown (correct) 

A team exists :
Assign to team --> only teams are shown, no agents (correct)
Assign to user --> users of department to which ticket is part of are shown (correct) 

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