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LDAP Authentication for users who submit tickets online

Is it possible to have lookup working in web form?

I have installed and correctly configured LDAP Authentication and Lookup plugin. Everything works well, Agents are AD users and they use AD login credentials. Lookup works perfectly, I don't need to fill the complete form, but just to enter some letters in the Username input box and then all other data is inserted itself.

But lookup in the web form doesn't work.

Is it possible to get that working or not?

My configuration is:



  • I assume you have Admin -> Manage Plugins -> LDAP -> authentication settings (at the bottom) set to:

    Client Authentication: Enable Authentication of clients

    Then in Admin -> Settings -> Users there are some settings which are a little confusing. I use the following:

    Registration Required: Require registration and login to create tickets 
    Registration Method:  Public, anyone can register
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    I have those settings this moment:



    I don't want that users have to register first. We will use osTicket only inside our company, so every employee could create ticket via web form without prior registration.

    But I want to set this in such way that employee will start to type his/her e-mail address and the lookup will then offer some options which start with entered letters.

    Is that possible?

  • Please see:

    Also there is s second fix in the comments.
  • edited March 1
    Thank you for directing me to GitHub!

    I tried with those fixes, but without success.

    First I removed this from include/ajax.users.php:
    87: ->annotate(array('relevance' => new SqlCode(1)))

    Then I restarted Apache, refreshed "Open A New Ticket" page and tested if lookup works.

    It doesn't.

    Then I added this to include/ajax.users.php:
    307: $id = str_replace('/','\\',$id);

    Again restarted Apache and refresh page and it still doesn't work.

    Then I inserted line 87 again, restarted Apache, refreshed, tried and still doesn't work.

    What am I doing wrong?

    As I said earlier, lookup in Agent panel works well.

    But on "Open a New Ticket" page it doesn't work.
  • Apparently I misunderstood what you were asking.  Sorry about that.  There isn't a type ahead on the user creation page for LDAP/AD users.  Users have to actually type in their details to open an account.

    Alternatively you can create users for them. (one at a time manually, or via the Import feature.)

    If you are using Active Directory there is also the third party (read: not free, paid) Active Directory sync plugin that over at:
    We run this plugin on our production site to syncs our users from AD to osTicket and configured it to run every 12 hours.

  • Thank you for clarification, @ntozier!
  • Very welcome.
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