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[resolved] Can't access to Admin Panel OSTicket 1.8

Hello !

I have to upgrade an OSTicket 1.8 to 1.10.1, so i copied the product VM with OSTicket for an experimental environment, i changed the ip address, and now i want to change configuration to access in local to the Admin Panel but i don't know which files i had to change (i tried to change Apache configuration files but it ain't work).

Currently on the OSTicket of my company to access to the admin panel they go to a link like

Thank you in advance!

PS: i tryed to connect to the admin panel with my virtual machine address but it didn't work too, only this message:


  • Ok, i probably don't search on the right files, i'm in research if i can have some help ^^
  • This doesn't appear to be an osTicket question.

    But If you cloned the VM:
    • change the MAC address of the virtual interface
    • change the hostname of the server
    • re-IP the server (if its static).
    • You should probably change the root/admin password.
    • You should probably remove extraneous accounts.
    • If you use SSL certificates they need to be updated.
    • If apache is listening on a static you need to change it to the new IP or use a wildcard
    • If MySQL is listening on a static you need to change it to the new IP
    • change the helpdeskurl in osTicket (admin panel -> Settings)
    Then you should be able to access the site using:

    and for agents:

  • Hello ! 

    It was an apache mistake, It was the other site that use the 443 port so I had to change my copied site port to 448 and change the hostname and it finally worked ! 

    Thanks :) !
  • I'm glad that I could point you in the right direction at least. :)
    Should I mark this thread as resolved and close it?
  • yes you can !
This discussion has been closed.