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Empty Client ticket list

Hi Everyone, 

I am trying to show a logged in client an empty ticket list if they do not have any tickets. 

So far I've got the /ticket.php page to show access denied as there are no tickets attached to the client. I've done this by removing the 

else {

on tickets.php around line 136 and replacing it with 


I've tried removing the die function from but end up with a null error which does make sense. 

Wondering if anyone else has this implimented. 




  • Hi Ntozier,

    Kinda, but not on the home (index.php) page.

    If a user is logged into osTicket, the default behavior appears that when they click on the Tickets (#) link (/tickets.php) if the user, or organization they are attached to, does not have any tickets they are routed to the create ticket form through the above mentioned if statement. 

    What I would like to accomplish is for the user to click on the Tickets (#) link and then be shown a blank open tickets table. 


  • But osTicket already does that... 

  • I should clarify, this user has never had a ticket, the picture attached looks like the user has 19 closed tickets under the user account. 
  • edited March 1
    I've added a screenshot, you can notice the url is pointing to the tickets.php but the form is being displayed. 

  • Re-attaching as it didn't work the first time. 
  • I dont think that I've ever logged in as a user with 0 tickets.  So that would explain that. Hmm. I'm not sure then.
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