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OSTicket system time issue

OSTicket system time issue

Synology DS718+ , DSM 6.1.5-15254

OSTicket 1.10.1-0121

i already changed the system time of synology and osticket ticket, but when i created a new ticket or update a ticket the timestamp always advance 2 hours.

thanks in advance.


  • php time zone?
    mysql time zone?
    agent time zone?
  • hi ntozier,

    thank you for the quick reply.

    agent time zone - was already set

    php time zone - cannot find where to change the time zone.

    mysql time zone - - cannot find where to change the time zone.

    thank you in advance.
  • The php timezone is set in the php.ini.  The location of that file varies by OS, and I ahve no idae where they put it in Synology.  It might be in /usr/syno/etc

    MySQL timezone is set in the my.cnf.  Again I dont know where it is in Synology byt I would guess its in a similar location as the php.ini.  This thread should help:
  • edited March 2
    hi ntozier,

    btw im from manila, philippines.

    - synology system time zone si correct,  +8 Taipe
    - OSTicket system time zone and agent time zone is set to Asia/Manila but the time is not synchronized, example the date/time here in manila is March 2, 2018 , 8:00 AM but if i set the time zone Asia/Manila the time is March 2, 2018 , 10:00 PM.  Then i try to set time zone America/Belize it synchronized with the date/time here in manila.

    is this OSTicket time zone bug?

    Thank you in advance.
  • Try changing line 118 in include/mysqli.php from:

    return db_get_variable('system_time_zone', 'global');


    return db_get_variable('time_zone', 'global');
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