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Unable to email via SMTP,,,,Client host rejected: Access denied

Hi can you help me about my problem because i was abit desperate.

Unable to email via [] Failed to add recipient: [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 554, response: 5.7.1 : Client host rejected: Access denied)


  • edited March 6
    The mail server rejected your email from your webserver. A quick google search for the error code reveals:

    You are sending emails to an external domain and you get a Delivery Failure Message which says: 554. 5.7.1.

    SMTP Code 554. 5.7.1 is basically a rejection from the Recipient Domain. SMTP Code 554. 5.7.1 means 'Not allowed'. The address in MAIL FROM appears to have insufficient submission rights, or is invalid, or is not authorized with the authentication used; the address in a RCPT TO command is inconsistent with the permissions given to the user; the message data is rejected based on the submitting user.

    It looks like your email server wont relay mail for domain.
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