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Partial translation on 100% lang package


First, sorry if this issue has been discussed previously but i have not been able to find an answer anywhere.

I've installed OSTickets without any problem, as well as the packages and translation file (Spanish in my case, 100% translated and 76% aproved). The problem is in the user interface. Since the most of the text is translated, there are some not translated and still in english like the user data form (Email Address, Phone Number, etc.).

Is 2018 and the total translation stills incomplete or I'm doing something wrong?

If the translation does not work 100%, anyone has a walkaround solution to share with me? 




  • the osTicket translation project has not been complete at this time (Its in phase 3 of 4).
  • Thanks, ntozier. Do you have a possible release date? 
  • I do not.  Although I suspect it will coincide with 2.0 or 2.1.
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