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Overdue not automatic sent to email

I'm on development OSTicket v1.10, i have some problem..

i have SLA on departement setting, when overdue time is match notilf mail not sent, but if i login to agent panel the notif come to email..
Why just overdue notif not auto sent ??
What is problem on Cron job ? Email setting ?
or what else ?/

Please Help me..


  • SLA's do not have a "on department" setting so I really have no idea what it is your are trying to say.

    I get overdue notices to my email at all the times, not when I am logged in.
  • On OSticket V1.10 we can set SLA .. and i set it there..

    when Overdue time is start, i not received the mail notification..

    but When i login to agent panel, the notification is directly sent to email...
  • There is no department settings in SLA.


    It sounds to me like your problem has nothing to do with SLA's and has to do with alerts or notices.

    How do you have mail configured?

    Are you running cron? -or-
    Are you using Fetch on auto-cron?
  • Is this wrong ??
    Please help me for true configuration for mail..?
    *See attachment file

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  • First (left) screen shot.  Yes it's wrong.
    Email fetching should be "Enable" if you are going to collect email.

    Still dont have an answer to:
    Are you running cron? 

  • so, i must enable both option that ?

    What the meaning cron ??
    How to set cron on OSTicketa ? Please guide me ...
  • Q: so, i must enable both option that ?

    A: It should look like this:

    Q: What the meaning cron ?? How to set cron on OSTicketa ? Please guide me ...

    A: recomended reading:
  • So i must configure ?

    Recurring tasks scheduller(Cron Job) or External trigger (On your sharing article)
    What the different ?
    I still not understand what's the problem from my this issue ..
  • Q: So i must configure ?
    A: Yes.

    Q: What the different ?
    A: one is called locally on the server, the other is called remotely not from the server if you can't do it locally.
  • I'm using Server 2003 for OSticket server, so i confused when setting "Task Schedule", can you help me ?
    because the configure step is different with Windows server 2008, 2012 or high..
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  • Nope. Havent used win 2003 in a decade.
  • i done set schedulle task for Cron job with Command line,, ervery minute execute script..
    i try again create ticket, the same problem is found,, when overdue
    time is match, alert not automate send to email.. but if i login to
    agent panel alert sent to mail..

    *See capture
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  • I thought that your problem was "when Overdue time is start, i not received the mail notification.."

    I do not think that you can create a pre-expired ticket and expect the email the overdue trigger to fire  before anyone has seen it.
  • edited March 20
    my means, i set default SLA for 1hour, should since ticket is create until 1 hour ahead agent not respon or not solved the overdue notif sent to agent email..
  • Have you enabled it?
    Admin panel -> Tickets -> Settings -> Alerts and notices
    See Overdue Ticket Alert.
    status: enable
    and the check boxes.

    How do you have email configured?
    How is the department configured?

  • See the capture above..

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  • @rezhakana

    So your email is fetching automatically, every 1 minute without anyone being logged into the system? Can you confirm this? It should leave a log in your osTicket System Logs saying 'Cron Executed []'. If not set your log level to DEBUG and wait a few minutes, then you should have a few cron entries in the System Logs.

  • Q: So your email is fetching automatically, every 1 minute without anyone being logged into the system?
    A : Yes... and when SLA time is match the notif not alert to agent/staff for remember

    This my log, occasionally cron is found to log..
    Today i try create ticket on 08:05 a.m , after that i not look Auto cron job..

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  • @rezhakana Since you posted a screen shot to another thread, I should point out that you are not running osTicket.  You are running osT+.  You will need to contact the author for support.  Or you can download and install osTicket from and see if you still have the problem and we can attempt to assist you.  We do not support 3rd party modifications.
  • @ntozier

    I still develop OSticket,, i just try install ost+ on my private notebook not on my company system..
    So, please help me fo my problem this....
    i just have 1 problem on my SLA notification unsend...
  • @ntozier

    What's the content on api/cron.php is mistake ??
    See the capture

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  • cron.php doesn't have any content... so I have no idea what you are trying to ask.

    If you are running cron.php locally [not remotely, locally] using cron or windows task scheduler on a schedule and you have default log level set to debug then EVERY time cron is run will show up in your osTicket logs.  Maybe you should tell us how you have cron.php running.

    Are you sending with a REAL email address?
    Have you consulted your email server logs?
    Do you ahve more then one version of PHP installed on the server?
  • Are you sending with a REAL email address? YES

    Have you consulted your email server logs?
    I have not checked 

    Do you ahve more then one version of PHP installed on the server?
    i'm uusing Php 5.4.31 only

    On OSticket log i look few log for Auto cron, but why 2 last todays auto cron log not found ??
    *See the capture
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  • Try upgrading to PHP 5.6.x.
  • edited March 27
    Hmm nice, it's solved after i upgrade php to 5.6.x

    My notif SLA is sent when overdue..
    But, SLA can set on Ticket setting, Help/Topic and Department..

    1. What the different ? what i can improve for this feature ?

    2. Could i change SLA time to days or minutes ?
    I think default from OSTicket SLA time on Hour.

    3. And What's mean on capture ?
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  • Q: But, SLA can set on Ticket setting, Help/Topic and Department..
    1. What the different ? what i can improve for this feature ?

    A: The system has a default SLA for all tickets.
    That default can be over ridden by Help Topics and/or Departments, as different Help Topics and/or Departments may require different SLA.

    Q: 2. Could i change SLA time to days or minutes ?

    A: You can.  You would have to locate where in the code it defaults to hours and change it to minutes.  No I do not know where that would be.

    Q: 3. And What's mean on capture ?

    A: I haven't the foggiest idea what you are talking about. Please try asking your question in a different way and include a screen shot to make the question meaningful.
  • Hmm thanks for the response ..

    1. I want to set 30 minutes so i set 0.5 hour on SLA Column periode, why can't and the time is rounding to 1 hour ?

    2. I try create 2 SLA for Help topic and Departement, both set time in 1 hour..
    i have 2 department for test Helpdesk Responder & IT - Infrastructure..
    When user create ticket automate receipt to Helpdesk Responder department,, i test no respon until 1 hour , overdue notif is sent to Helpdesk responder dept member.. then i transfer ticket to ITInfrasturcture dept, i try not respon ticket until 1 hour but IT infra dept not recepit overdue notif.. i want when ticket is transfered to other department, second SLA is run...
    how ??
  • 1. osTicket uses hour increments like most SLAs in the world.

    2. Tickets have one SLA.  It doesn't matter if you transfer it to another department after it has expired you cannot renew the SLA once it has expired.  SLA is not dependant on when you want it to renew.  Service level agreements run from creation of ticket until resolution or failing the SLA.

    If you have a 1 hours SLA and you transfer it to a department where the SLA is 2 hours it might change the SLA to 2 hours.
  • hmm so i must set 2 SLA , on Help topic and on department ??

    How must i set configure on SLA ?
    What affected if i tick on transient ?
    *See the capture
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  • It allows the SLA to to be overwritten to the new one on transfer.
    ie if the old one was 1 hour (and that hour hasn't expired) and you transfer to a new department that there is a new SLA of say two hours.  the SLA is now the 2 hour SLA.

    The help for that is:
    "Transient SLAs are considered temporary and can be overridden by a non-transient SLA on Department transfer or when its Help Topic is changed."
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