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Form fields read value from list

Hi all,

I have created an list with some values.


This list is attached to the organization form with an multi select drop down.


I want to read out the selected values so that i can see this in an drop
down list once i create a new ticket. is that possible?

I can
read the value with %{ticket.user.organization.sla} but i cannot find a
way to read this value and put this in a form field.


  • It looks to me like you are trying to recreate SLAs.
    Which you do at:
    Admin panel -> Manage -> SLA Plans.

    You can't have a list, that you then take the value from the list and display it in a text field.  You would display it in the list.

  • Hi ntozier,

    You are correct about the SLA Plans.
    I want to attach the SLA Plans to a customer so that i have a subset of the SLA Plans if i select a customer.

    The problem is that this is not possible (right now), so i want to figure out a way to do this :)
  • You would have to mod the core source files
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