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SLA Overdue Emails - How do they work exactly?

I'm using the latest stable osT, and noticed only a single overdue email was received, however, the ticket remained untouched for several more days. Our only SLA Plan is 12hrs, and I was expecting (hoping), an overdue email would be received for each 12hr window the ticket remained open.

Can someone please elaborate on the current SLA Plan functionality? In essence, I was hoping it would help remind our technicians of the open tickets without them having to login to the Helpdesk website all the time.


  • Are you running cron.php on a schedule?

    Other wise its never going to check to see if things are past due unless there is activity.  

    And no the system send one over due email once, and never again.
  • Hmm. Yes, cron is configured. I'm surprised that it sends one overdue email once, and never again. Do you know of any mods to have it send over and over?
  • I do not.
  • Hello @Umuzidan..

    Can you help me for guide me setup the cron job on Windows server 2003 ??
    my first overdue alert is not notif to email...
  • @rezhakana please dont try to hijack other peoples threads
  • What you means ?
    I just mention his to help me for my problem
  • This thread by umuzidan is about SLA plans, and your issue is about cron on windows. So not only have you injected something completely off topic into this thread, but you have tried to hijack umuzidan's thread about their problem.
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