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How to make a copy of a form


I created a very large form and I want to copy it.
Do you know an easy way to do that?




  • I'm not aware of any way to do to that in the UI.  You could probably do it in the DB if you were careful.  But since you can add the same form to more than one ticket or help topic... why would you need to make a copy of it ?
  • edited March 21
    For the following reason, we have to make available for a lot of agents of 5 differents companies the same form including a lot of fields. Those agents work on the same helpdesk platform and are linked to different departments. But they do not have to know who are the other agents of the others companies. And they do not have to know what are the values used in the form of these others companies.

    An example (not what I have to do but I think it is a good illustration)

    The form is used when a people will join a company.
    One field is for the credit card. 

    In the company 1 they can chose between Mastercard or Visa or Gold
    In the company 2 they can choose between Mastercard or Visa.

    We do not want that the Agents of the company 2 know that the new employees of the company 1 can ask for a Gold credit card.

    To solve that, we want to use the same form but with differrent values for the fields.

    I am sure that we can do that in the DB, but without a tutorial I will no try to do it. The risk is too big to crash something. I prefer to create the same form again and again.

  • Ah that makes sense.  Then you aren't using the same form.  But it is very similar.  I understand now.  Thanks for the explanation.
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