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Export Threads per ticket.


I want to export all threads per ticket to csv.

For example, csv files contain all tickets ( during my period ) and each ticket contain all it's threads.

Is it possible? than how?


  • Export from Database.
  • Alternative: 
    You would need to craft a SQL Query that collects all the fields that you want.
    Then you would write a script and have it save the results of the query to a file in the format that you desire.
  • Thanks,

    I'm novice with sql. So, Would you please show some example script?

    I want view like below,

    Ticket Number  / Last Updated             /Subject         /    Asigned ( engineer )   / Threads
    #000046           / 3/26/18, 5:57 PM    / A error         /     John                           / Test A ( thread 1 )
    #000046           / 3/27/18, 5:57 PM    / A error         /     John                           / Test A-1 ( thread 2 )
    #000046           / 3/28/18, 5:57 PM   / A error          /     John                           / Test A-2 ( thread 3 )

    If the script can contain Ticket Number list ( ex 000040~000046 ) and show above form, than I can edit
    number list or other values what I want.

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