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[resolved] User search and auto-completation upon "New Ticket"


Using osTicket v 1.9.12 it was enough to write a few characters and the GUI would propose all users starting with those characters.
Using osTicket v1.10.1, now I need to write all characters up to the "@" before the GUI proposes the corresponding user.
Please note I'm using the ldap plugin connected to the site Active Directory.

Any ways to go back to the old behaviour?

Attached is the logs of the httpd server.

Thank you and best regards.


  • Hello.
    I forgot to attach the httpd logs.. here they are :-)

  • I run 1.10.1... I type 3-4 letters and get suggestions.
    Are you sure that your just not waiting long enough?
    Or perhaps you haven't applied the search fix here:
    note there is a second fix in the comments of:
  • Super!
    I'll try to apply the fixes tomorrow and let you know.

    By the way, the move from 1.9.12 (on windows server) to 1.10.1 (on linux server) was made as follows:
    1) zip website folder on server W and extract on server L
    2) dump db on server W and restore on server L
    3) extract inside website folder on server L
    4) replace auth-ldap.phar and it.phar inside website folder on server L
    5) run the upgrade procedure via web browser --> this procedure was successfull and reported no errors

    Best regards.
  • Sounds like you did it right. (although you skipped setting up the DB user for the DB in your steps)
  • Great! Applied the two fixes and now search and autocompletition works! :-)
    Thank you. :-)
  • Very welcome. :)

    I'll close this thread and mark it resolved.  Please feel free to start a new thread if you have another question, comment, query, etc.
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