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[resolved] Show end-user's company name in agent's new ticket alert

Hi, we're on v1.10, thinking about adding end-user's company name in agent's new ticket alert - but %{} doesn't seems to work. Is this possible?  

Also, this is assuming 'new' end-user that hasn't been set with an Organization yet.  Thanks.


  • IF you haven't added them to an Org yet where would you be getting the information from?
    Have you added it to the the Contact Information form?
    Or is it part of the Ticket Details form?

    I would recommend that you use Organizations and then you can use 
  • Yes at the Contact Information form, we changed Company Name as Required (and added the variable company). 

    Assuming this is a first time & new end-user, not yet assigned to an Organization - and likely not even has an Organization set up for them yet.

    Our agents sometimes are on the road, or at off-hours, where they could see the alert email, but can't log into the portal right away. If Company Name is included in the alert email, they can then decided how important is this company and take appropriate action. (Although in reality, they could probably figure out the company name base on email address domain name) 
  • Sorry I didn't realize you sort of gave me an answer already. Just tried %{} and it works. Thanks.
  • Glad to hear it.  should I mark this resolved and close it?
  • Yes thanks.
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