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Modification of "state" in the dashboard

Hi there,
I'd like to modify "states" of tickets in the graph (dashboard) because they are not translated in the language pack. I've tried to change "state" values in the table "ost thread event" but it doesn't work.
Do you know where I can modify these values ?
Thanks !


  • As an FYI, The dashboard is old, tired, and on the revamp later list and has been for a while.  I do not think that the translation project every got to that part of the code.  I beleive that what you are looking for is in the /include/staff/

    I honestly do not use the dashboard so that is my best guess.
  • edited April 3
    ok thanks for your answer but I don't see the values in this file I've been looking for (created, closed, assigned, overdue) : cf screenshot here :

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