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Priority level


When the user creates a new ticket, the priority level does not appear.

In Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details, the priority level field is with "internal, optional" view. How can I change? Can not delete and create again.
Is there any way to stay visible to the user?



  • I would like to put the priority level on the new ticket for the user to tick.
  • Priority levels are assigned by the system via help topic and department.  
    I'm going to recommend against doing this because to a hammer every problem is a nail.

    However, go to:
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details.
    In a blank field type "Priority Level"
    under Type Select "Priority Level"
    Select the visibility that you require.
    Variable name of "priority"
    Click "Save Changes"
  • Hi,

    Ok, but this field already exists as you can see in the image
    That's why I asked for help.
  • You have it set to "Internal, Optional".
  • When I installed this item it was already by default. Exactly because of the "Internal, Optional" option that I can not make change or delete. What to do? Create another? Could this duplicity not cause the error occurred in DB Error # 1062?
    That's why I relied on your help.
  • You can edit it by clicking the Config button.
  • Hi,

    It worked, but there was no way to make this change before doing the reinstallation.

    Once again I apologize for the banality of the problem.

  • All good. :)  Have a great day.
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