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Submit form without help topics


General info:

osTicket Version: v1.9.16 (f4a172f)
Web Server Software: Microsoft-IIS/7.5
MySQL Version: 10.2.12
PHP Version: 5.3.28 

I am trying to achieve the following send a form without selecting a help topics. The reason is that we have a form that should be send by a specific number of user so a link to this form would be sent to them so they can fill out the form and send it, by default the help topic drop-down is mandatory which is fine for the remaining form but how can we by pass this for this specific form? 



  • You can't.  Help Topic is required.
  • Could you not do a code modification to check the help topic id and coded like if help topics = to id X then ignore the required field and submit the form? 
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