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New ticket on agent email reply


I noticed an undesired behavior that looks like another one below related with tasks. My situation is however a little bit different.

Upon ticket assignment to an agent, if he replies to the mail, a new ticket is created instead having the reply appended to the related incident, this even if I changing the template subject of the assignment alert to %{ticket.subject} [#%{ticket.number}] (what seems being the trigger to link mails)

You may think agents should use web interface to deal with their tickets but the situation here is specific :

- agents being road warriors
- limited and most likely herratic 3G/4G accesibility due overcrowded location
- smartphones devices fleet being various and incoherent

From there the choice of email to at least acknowledge and report where needed.

Any idea why replies aren't properly linked ?



  • osTicket is designed for Agents to use the web interface.  Replying like that will generally create a new ticket as they are not a collaborator or the owner on the existing ticket.
  • Hi,

    Got your point but wouldn't it make sense to have any incoming mail linked to relevant ticket from the moment as long it matches the #000000 expression in subject. To me me sender status isn't relevant here.

    No ?
  • It uses ticket # in the subject as the last resort to match, but only if the ticket owner and person sending the email match.  As to if that makes sense, I think that it makes perfect sense that someone who has nothing to do with a ticket cannot update someone else's ticket.
  • You got a point here as I understand you would like to avoid spam pollution. So let's rephrase.

    wouldn't it make sense to have any incoming mail from any relevant party linked to related ticket from the moment it matches the #000000 expression in subject

    The question now is, who is a relevant. Owner of course but owner solely ? It could be a third party support team, a supplier or any agent. Just an idea : wouldn't it be possible to allow incoming mails from a kind of white listed senders ( including active agents ) ?

    Thanks anyway,
  • Yes, to do that you add the person as a collaborator.
  • Hi,

    I tested the thing and it works. However a collaborator is part of users and not agents, meaning agents entries have to be duplicated as users to be available as collaborators. Furthermore it requires collaborators list for a specific ticket to be maintained manually during ticket lifecycle.

    I do understand your point and also why it falls out troubleshooting as such. This is normal behavior of OST. nevertheless I trully think the "withe listed sender" feature could be an improvement for future releases.

    Thank you,
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