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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Feedback on OSTicket 1.7 (Praise)

Congratulations on the release of the stable version. Extremely nice re-write. Just as good (probably better) as any help desk package I've looked at. I'm sure your hosted release will be just as successful.


  • Thank you for the feedback and kind words!:) It's very much appreciated - being an open source developer is often a thankless job.
  • Thank you Peter.

    Being silent doesn't mean that we don't appreciate your work.

    But you can consider using the osticket as a thank you :)

    If you need financial support. I'll be glad to help :)

    That's the least of what we can do.
  • Just wanted to drop by to say thanks for the great ticketing system:D

  • Thanks Peter,

    Great job, I have started using OSTicket in last week or so and found it to be very useful.

    Once again Hats off to you.

    Have you guys started working on Version 1.8?
  • I have started using OSTicket in last week or so and found out that this the best helpdesk system I have come across. Job Well Done.:D
  • Thanks

    Hey Peter + OSticket team.

    Just though I would let you know I have just put OsTicket into effect at our work as well.

    It is doing an awesome job and very thankful!
  • For those of you who have commented in this thread, on behalf of the rest of the osTicket team I would just like to thank you for letting us know. For me personally comments like this make it worth the effort. :)
  • Two things swayed my opinion for my rolling this out to our organization:
    1. Speed of support on the forums
    2. Ability to customize to meet our needs

    I looked at ~25 different solutions and none met all of our requirements. I have been so pleased with the product that you have developed, and management has seconded my opinion, and they're ecstatic with this product too.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your hard work. I will second the opinion of 'just because we're silent, that doesn't mean we don't like your product' - it's quite the opposite.

    I prefer this to some of the other helpdesk suites I have used in the past (including one VERY expensive one).

    you guys ROCK.
  • I want to add my thanks to the osTicket development team as well. We started using osTicket over two years ago after the developer of our previous support ticket system went out of business, leaving all the users who had paid for a license hanging.

    I researched a number of paid and open source options, and went with osTicket on the advice of a friend who had used it while working as tech support lead at a communications hardware manufacturer. We had good results with the system, and I never took the time to thank the people responsible.

    I upgraded to 1.7ST over the weekend, and this morning I discovered a serious problem. The quick response from ntozier pointed me right to the solution, and that experience confirmed my previous belief that going with osTicket was the best decision I could have made. osTicket has given our small software company a professional, organized and efficient system to manage support requests and keep things under control. The only thing missing for us was a Knowledge Base/FAQ and now with 1.7 we have that! I spent a couple of days converting old email replies into the the start of our new knowledge base, and have already received several positive comments from end-users.

    Thanks again for all your hard work!
  • appsol,

    I think that I speak for the entire osTicket team when I say thank you for the praise, and we are glad that you like our product. Oh and p.s. Thanks for the personal kudos. They always make me smile. :)
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