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[resolved] Phone number of the client not updated when he creates a new ticket

Hi everyone !

I use OST v1.9.11 and I have a little Problem with my field for phone number in my ticket :(

Indeed, if John Doe create a ticket with his email "" and entered in the phone filed "111111"
In my ticket I will see  "" and  "111111". Great, I am happy :)

if John Doe come back and do a second ticket, with the same email "", but since the last ticket he has got a new phone number : "222222"
In my ticket I will see "" and  "111111". Not Great, I am not happy :(

I guess the both fields, email and phone number are linked to the Client and not to the ticket, I look in the database, in the table "ost_form_entry_value", I see that the first phone number has been created, but not the second time...

Do you think there is a parameter to say to update the field "phone number" at every new ticket rather than keep the old one ? Or to save the new one for the new ticket ?

Another solution would be of Course to remove the field for the phone number from Client part and put it in ticket part...but it would means to change it in every ticket template, which is pretty heavy to maintain. I would like avoid it...

Thank you in advance for your answers !!


  • 1.9.11 is pretty ancient and I would recommend that you upgrade.

    That being said I haven't played with this to see if its an actual issue, but I would think that since their phone number is stored in their user profile. They would edit their profile to update their phone number.

    I can tell you that in 1.10+ there is no "phone number" field for them to update on the new ticket form.
  • Finally I used my first solution :
    Removing the field for the phone number from Client part and put it in ticket part.

    Thank you a lot for your answer !
  • Very welcome.  I'll mark this as resolved and close the ticket.  
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