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Alert on Ticket claim

We're looking to move our old and busted ticketing system to osTicket. On v1.10.1 right now and got everything configured how we like, except one thing that is really holding us back.

Our current system will send out a notice to all members of the staff (IT is a dept of 5 people, jack of all trades for all of us), and one to the ticket opener when a ticket is claimed. Is this possible to do when just claiming a ticket without sending a reply?


  • @sbach

    You can only send the Assignment Alerts to the Assigned Agent, Team Members, Team Lead or all of the above (Admin Panel > Settings > Tickets > Alerts and Notices > Ticket Assignment Alert). You cannot send out the Ticket Assignment Alert out to the End-Users. Also, this Ticket Assignment Alert is not sent out upon CLAIMING the ticket only when ASSIGNING a ticket.

    I hope this helps. Cheers.
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