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Subcategories in FAQ page

Hi all,

i searched but i didn't found a mod to allow managing subcategories in FAQ page.

It would be quite useful when dealing with tons of different issues.

Thanks in advance!


  • Setting up the FAQ subcategories

    Apparently upgrading, your installation does NOT assign the admin user (or its group) the privileges to manage FAQs.

    You have to go to:

    Admin panel -> Staff -> Groups
    Click on the group that you want to have privileges (mine was called Admin)
    Enable "Can Manage FAQ" (near the bottom)
    NOTE: "Can View Staff Stats" was also disabled in my admin group.

    Once you have done do the following:

    Staff panel -> Knowledgebase -> Categories
    Click Add New Category
    Select Public or Private (internal)
    Enter a Category Name
    Enter a Category Description
    Click Add (at the bottom)
    Click on Knowledgebase (at the top) and the category you made should show up.
    Click on it.

    You should now have the ability to Edit Category, Delete Category, and Add New FAQ. Enjoy!
  • Huh. You copied my reply pretty much word for word but left out the article link. :P

    He is correct upgrading your installation does NOT assign the admin user (or its group) the privileges to manage FAQs.

    You can read the thread here on the forums about this here:

    Or read the quick how to here:
  • OMG :eek::confused:

    So Sorry about that... that is so true.
    That supposed to be a quote and the link at the end.

    Since I sent that from my phone that didnt happen at all. Yes credit goes to ntozier.

    My bad again dude..
  • Thanks for replying, but it's not what i meant.

    I'm not upgrading to 1.7, i'm new and i installed directly 1.7 version.

    My problem is that I would like to have SUBcategories in FAQ and not just categories.

    I mean:



    Is it possible?

    thanks in advance!
  • @raisedinhell: no worries it actually made me smile.

    @Fabri: I honestly haven't played with FAQs all that much, but from my limited exposure to the osTicket FAQs/KB system I would say not at this time. I have suggested it over at the github project for you.
  • Thanks ntozier.

    I was actually looking for some mod already developed by someone who had the same need i have!

    thanks again and please share if you have notice!
  • on my todo list. but honestly I need to spend more time moving my other mods as they are more important to me ;)

    I too made this suggestion on git and Peter did respond. If i recall correctly he mentioned that the FAQ in future versions will receive some additional features and I'd assume that since a few people have mentioned it that sub-categories would be one of them.

    I realize that doesn't help you right now but it is something at least..
  • thanks, let's keep in touch when ready!
  • Has there been any traction in this area? Our organization could really use this MOD.

  • Sorry to revive an ancient post, but is there a mod/function available for this? 
  • I don't think that there is a mod available out there to achieve this.
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