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Public Dashboard/Open Tickets

One of the things I wish OSticket had was the ability to allow a "public" dashboard showing open tickets. I think it's important for management and other members of the company to see our que/ work load.


  • Why not just give whoever needs to see your queue an account?
  • I've created a very limited account for this purpose. Users can only read access tickets.
  • Wouldn't something like this suit your needs?


  • This looks great, but I have 1 issue and 1 question.
    Says there are no open tickets, site logs show the following error:
    Warning: mysql_numrows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in D:\\apache_www_root\\\\public_html\\display_open_topics.php on line 29
    Would it be possible to extend this to display on another website? Ie, a site running on a different server?
  • Chaosratt:

    This should allow you to host the display_open_tickets.php on another server.

    edit display_open_tickets.php
    on line 14 add the following:

    # configure this area with your database connection information
    $dbhost = 'localhost'; // FQDN server name or IP (or localhost for local machine)
    $dbname = 'ostickets'; // database name
    $dbuser = 'USERNAME'; // database username
    $dbpass = 'PASSWORD'; // database password for username (above)

    # make the connection to the MySQL server
    @mysql_select_db($dbname) or die( \"DB Error: Unable to select database\");

    Obviously you want to make sure that you customize dbhost, dbname, dbuser, dbpass to your scenario.

    Oh and you can get rid of that warning by replacing line 28-29 with the following:

    if($result=mysql_query($query)) { 
    $num = mysql_numrows($result);
  • Still getting that mysql error.
  • Got it, You've got bits in there about an agency field, which I don't have on a stock install.
  • The article does say
    [note: my installation uses an additional field 'agency' (site) and this is setup to display that field. You will need to change this to remove references to it.]
    Honestly I was being lazy and didnt want to remove it. :)
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