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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

osFAQ Plugin

osFAQ 1.2-ST is available for download. osFAQ is an advanced FAQ management system for osTicket. Its open source and free.


Where can you get a copy?

More info.

Theres also an older osFAQ thread in the osTicket 1.6.x forum:

osFAQ will also be expanding to integrate with WordPress websites in the near future.
I will need to setup a dedicated forum for the plugin at that point to handle the additional user base.
The osFAQ support website should also be getting its own top level domain soon so I will look into setting up a forum there when the time comes.

Tim Gall


  • Can each FAQ be assigned its own permalink?
    What about embedding videos?
    Looks great, thanks!
  • osFAQ Install Error

    Hi Tim!

    Thanks for this awesome mod! The screenshots look great!

    We're on osTicket I uploaded the files successfully to our directory, but when I run faq/setup.php, I get the error:

    osFaq installation wizard
    Fatal error: Class 'Misc' not found in /var/www/osticket/include/mysql.php on line 41


    I checked out the mysql.php file in the include folder, and things look normal (and unedited).

    Do you have any any suggestions for a starting point to troubleshoot this on? I haven't found any other people having the same issue via a quick googling.


    -Stead Halstead
  • Hi Stead,
    I'll have a look as soon as I can and let you know. It might be somethings changed in that version of osTicket. Will aim for tonight or tomorrow night.

  • Awesome! Thanks Tim!!

    Let me know if any other specific details would be beneficial. We're running a standard Ubuntu 13.04 LAMP stack.
  • Having the same problem in osTicket (v1.7.1.4)
  • Tim,

    Just installed osFAQ on osTicket v1.8, and I am loving it so far.  Thanks for this product!

    One question, is there a way to make the FAQs not visible until the client logs in?  I do not want to make the FAQs internal, because I want clients to be able to see them, not just staff.  Our site is setup with SSL on a public IP, so I don't want any Joe Schmo to be able to view our company FAQs.  But I do not want to have setup our clients (non-IT employees) as Staff members to give them access.

    Hope all of this makes sense.  It could be a simple fix that I am just missing.  I appreciate any help you may have.
  • Tim, I'm throwing an error installing osFAQ in OSTicket v1.7.0 (stable). 

    Unzipped the files into the OSTicket directory and then tried to run the installer and get the attached error. Any ideas? 

    Thanks for your help!
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