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Agents can't see unassigned tickets

New install on Synology device -
Server Information
osTicket Version v1.10.1 (9ae093d) — Up to date
Web Server Software: Apache/2.2.34 (Unix) mod_fastcgi/mod_fastcgi-SNAP-0910052141
MySQL Version: 10.0.34
PHP Version: 5.6.36

Some ticket templates didn't have an agent assigned and now the agents can't see any unassigned tickets. The user can login and see the outstanding tickets but they don't show once the agent logs in. How do I make unassigned tickets visible for the agent login?


  • "Ticket template"?  osTicket does not have "ticket templates".  It does have email templates, but I get the feeling that is not what you are talking about.

    It sounds like as the osTicket admin you will need to go in and give your self access to everything.  Then assign the tickets to a department/Team and/or individual Agent.  Or course I was of the opinion that it was impossible to have a ticket with no department, since Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets has a default department.  So unless you have that set to -None- and then are limiting access to only assigned tickets...

  • So on a default install under Manage > Help Topics > New ticket options the 4 topics all had the Auto-assign to: set to unassigned. So a handful of tickets that were created while that setting was set to unassigned don't show up under the agent login.

    Also the default agent that is created when installing the system can't be updated. I checked the Agent > Permissions and everything is checked except under Miscellaneous the Search & Stats boxes are unchecked and when I checked them and pressed Save Changes an error appears at the top that says, "Unable to update this agent. Correct any errors below and try again." and the Account tab is red and under the email address is red text that says, "Already in use system email" The same error appears when trying to update the Phone and Mobile numbers or add and save Extended Access. I had to create a new agent and give that login access to everything and permission for everything but even that agent login doesn't see the original tickets created that were not assigned.
  • Every single one of my Help Topics have Auto-assign To: set to -- Unassigned --.  That drop down assigns tickets to agents, not Departments.  

    default agent?  Do you mean the original admin account?

  • Yes, original admin account. Same error if I login as the original admin and press the Profile link on the upper right of the screen and try and save any changes there.

    The auto-assign for the help topics was changed to a team and since the change those new tickets all show for the team but any tickets submitted prior don't show up when any agent logs in.
  • Then they are not assigned to a Department or Team that any Agents have access to.  You will ahve to edit them and transfer them.
  • But if the doesn't show up for any agent how can they be transferred?
  • edited August 13
    If it shows up for no uses then it is assigned to a Department or Team that no one has access to.

    Or you will have to edit the database manaually. (you should always back up before doing that).
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