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Connection to MySQL database to access the database for reporting pupose

We are using a separate reporting system (SSRS) in our organisation, where different types of reports/dashboards can be generated.
Due to some reason, we are not able to connect the database of OSTicket (MySQL) to the database of SSRS (SQL Server).
In fact, we are not able to access the MySQL database from any client using ODBC.

Can someone help us?




  • This does not appear to be an osTicket question.

    First thing you need to do is see if your tool "separate reporting system" supports MySQL.  I imagine that it does.  But I do not use it so I do not know for sure.  You will have to research your software (I imagine that a call to their support might help with this).

    I think that all DBMS (or at least all the ones I have used) use user permissions to control what a user can and cannot do with the db you have to make sure that your DB user can do what you want. This includes where they can and cannot log in from.

    You would need to either grant your db user permissions to log in from some where else or create a new user with permissions to log in and do thing to the database from where ever the SSRS server is running.  
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