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How to migrate old configs to new installation

Hi I recently had to do a fresh install of osticket and now I need to know how can I pass the old tickets and the configuration of the admin panel. If anyone can help me please?


  • Linking your fresh install to the old database. Open \include\ost-config.php and set the correct parameters

    #Mysql Login info
  • equisde is presuming that your old database is still intact. When you say that you did a "fresh install"...

    Did you use the settings for the old database?
    Do you still have a backup of your old database?
  • 1.6ST issues

    Can I jump in here also, I had an earlier version of osticket 1.6.0 and due to a server issue have re-installed but now with 1.6ST, the install went well and all logs in, however I have pointed the server to the the old sql database as you detailed above however I now have the following error:

    The script is version 1.6 ST while the database is version .

    and db error:

    [SELECT premade_id,title FROM ost_kb_premade WHERE isenabled=1]

    I can see all the tickets yet I am unable to open any of them.

    Your help would be much appreciated
  • Hi,

    Go to Canned Responses at osTicket configuration. Delete all of them and create a new one.
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