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Easily Add Company Name Field

Was wondering if you guys could have away to add a Company name field when the user or staff is creating a ticket. I have tried the 1.6 steps but it just isn't working.


  • The directions for adding additional fields are almost identical to 1.6st directions. However some of the file names have changed to group parts together a little more logically.

    Are you looking for a simple text field? Or do you want a database populated drop down box (with list company names controlled from an admin panel control tab)?
  • Thank you for your response, I am looking to add two simple name fields:

    Company Name(Required)
    Invoice # (Not Required)

    I also posted under another users post, but have had no luck yet. I tried the 1.6 Fields, but am new to php and would appreciate as much help as you can give me.

    gentleman did a good thing, simply follow step by step and replace serial with your text field, works great.
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