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Non exists customer emails

0. Osticket check support@ email on my site.
1. Customer (or spamer) creates web-ticket with invalid email (non exists email).
2. Osticket try to send auto-response to customer email (non exists).
3. mailer-daemon@ send message to support@

Subject: Support Ticket Opened [#435075]

Undeliverable: Support Ticket Opened [#435075]
The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

Error Type: SMTP
Remote server ( issued an error.
hMailServer sent: RCPT TO:
Remote server replied: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

4. osticket creates new ticket, but should add system message to customer ticket

I can ban mailer-daemon, but it's preferred to know that nobody receive answer to ticket.


  • :D

    I have a solution. Can't understand why this feature is absent in release!

    line 400

    //Allow mismatched emails?? For now NO.
    if (strcasecmp($vars['email'], '')==0)
    $ticket=Ticket::lookupByExtId($tid, $vars['email']);


    That's it! Now mailer-daemon responses will be added as messages to original tickets.

    It will be good idea to post as Note instead of message. Please help me with this.

    please move topic to MOD section.
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