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Message in New Ticket Alert

It would be nice to have the ability to show the message in the new Ticket Alert.

Right now we have a Ticket that comes in, then hits the filter which sends it to a team.

The Team then checks their phone and only sees a link to click. It would be nice if they could see the message directly on their phone.

We looked at adding the %comment variable, but it just shows that the ticket was transferred.


  • Can't you just put something like this here?

    Admin panel -> Emails -> Templates -> YOUR TEMPLATE NAME -> New Ticket Alert


    New ticket #%{ticket.number} created.
    Name: %{}
    Email: %{}
    Dept: %{}
    Subject: %{ticket.subject}


    To view/respond to the ticket, please login to the support ticket system.

    Your friendly,

    Customer Support System powered by osTicket.
  • In the actual email it only shows %message

    and not the actual message.
  • uh... when my ticket system informs me that I have a new ticket, I get an email with the message of the ticket included.
  • When you set the filter to go to a team, it doesn't...
  • Ah. That's the difference then... I don't sent emails to teams. In fact my department email addresses are mailing lists controlled on my mail server.

    Have you reported this bug over at github?
  • I've reported it for you.
  • Auto-assignment (via filters or help topics) don't have comments - like staff assigned tickets. Substituting incoming message for comments seem logical, but it will, in my opinion, create more confusion - i.e incoming message is not really a comment.

    We plan on revisiting the issue - one proposal we have on the table is using a different template for auto-assignment as away to get around overloading variables.
  • Thanks!

    In the mean time a work around that we came up with is to use a dummy account and set it as the department manager.

    We then have that email account forward to the appropriate individuals who need access to it.
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