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Department templates not being used

I have three email addressess (support, billing and hr).

I have three departments (support, billing and hr).

I have three email templates (support, billing and hr).

I have configured each department to use the template for that department and each email address is assigned to the correct department.

If an email is sent to [email][/email] I would expect osTicket to send an email from the hr template using the [email][/email] email address.

What's happening is that any emails sent to [email][/email] and [email][/email] are assigned to the support department and get the auto-response from the support department... they are not being assigned to the department associated to the incoming email address.


  • That would be correct (and expected).

    Admin panel -> Settings -> Default Department determines what department all tickets get assigned to.

    If you want to change that behavior you can via Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters.
  • Thanks for your quick reponse. I guess I find it a bit confusing to have an email address assigned to a department and emails that come to that address not be assigned to that department.

    Now, on to fixing the problem.

    I scoured the admin panel and could not find:
    Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters

    I couldn't find it under Dashboard, Settings, Emails, Help Topics, Staff or Departments.

    Settings has: Preferences, Attachments and API
    Emails has: Email Addresses, Add New Email, Templates, Banlist
    Departments has: Departments, Add New Dept.

    I've been through each of those screens and find no way to manage the filters. I must be missing something.

    Again, this is version 1.6ST and I'm using Email piping.
  • I did some more research:

    the wiki says the behavior should be as I expect:
    Routing Incoming Emails

    Setting up your system to accept emails varies from system to system and depends on your personal preference. osTicket currently supports piping (aliases) and POP3/IMAP polling methods for routing incoming emails. Tickets are routed to the department and assigned a default priority associated with the email.

    Read Wiki
  • Sorry didnt realize that you were using the old version. Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters is only in 1.7ST. You should really upgrade.
  • OK, don't take this the wrong way, I just want to clear this up so that the next person who comes searching for a resolution finds clear information.

    Version 1.6ST has a bug and doesn't filter to the appropriate departments as is documented.

    The solution is to upgrade to version 1.7.
  • Actually what I'm saying is that the wiki documentation should reflect the current version (1.7ST) which you are not using. Since the 1.6ST release (in 2010) I do not recall anyone else reporting the behavior that you are reporting. While its entirely possible that it went completely unnoticed or that I am not remembering someone posting about it... regardless the solution would be to upgrade to 1.7ST.
  • Already working on the upgrade. I think they're taking the helpdesk offline tonight.

    But 1.6ST is definately not filtering to the different departments.

    Thanks for your help... great product!!!
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