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Admin white screen after login on Internet Explorer

When using Internet Explorer and logging into the Admin Console, i just get a white screen, the user side is ok, just the Admin side.

If i use Chrome or Firefox its ok the admin side loads fine...

Why would this be, does anyone have any ideas?



  • Have you hit the "compatibility mode" button in IE?
  • Hi

    Ive tried with it on and off, when its on, i see the Admin console flash ever so quickly then go white.... anyone else have this or know what it could be ?
  • Not sure which version of IE your using so this probably isn't very helpful to you but my company exclusively used IE (version 7,8,9 predominantly with a little 10 thrown into the mix) with osTicket 1.6ST for years and I never received any reports of this issue nor experienced this issue myself. I'm guessing that perhaps its a setup thing.

    We ran 1.6ST under IIS 6, and 6.5, and 7. The current version of PHP installed is 5.3.13 (although its been upgraded several times). We ran MySQL 5.0 and are currently running 5.1.
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