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Statistics - circles

Did a flawless upgrade to 1.7 this week, thanks to everyone who contributed to this. User asking what the different size and color circles are in the rows on the Statistics page. Can't see an immediate pattern, so before I dig into the code to try to manually trace where it comes from, is there any documentation on it, or someone who can briefly explain what they indicate? (As well as any other additional details on the stats, such as units for Response Time... we're thinking it's Days, but not sure. The numbers of tickets created/closed/etc are pretty self-explanatory, some of the other stuff has cool potential but has us scratching our heads a bit.)


  • Any ideas?
  • Circles


    In case you haven't worked it out yet.

    The coloured circles show the max value for a column.

    ie The biggest value appears large and red and the smallest value is green and tiny.
    Useful if you have a large number of deprtments or help topics, with a large number of tickets.


  • Excellent, thanks! I feel like it might be more useful and less confusing to just have sort options on the columns, but maybe that's more difficult to code. Anyway, it's nice to know what it's doing. We have a small number of departments, so it doesn't matter too much for us.
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