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BCC on All Email Notifications?

I need to set a global BCC email address so that my client can get a copy of all emails to or from staff members, managers, or customers.

Is there a setting for this in osTicket, or is there an easy way to hard code the email address into the code that sends email notifications?


  • This has been covered before and is easily found by searching:
  • Ntozier, I did search first and I did find some solutions like what you gave, but those are not quite what I'm looking for. I don't want to have the staff members choose to BCC the admin. Instead I want the admin to always be BCCed without them even knowing. I imagine what I'm asking for would be a small piece of the solution you gave and would only add one line of code... I just know know where that would be.
  • Same directions, but instead of displaying the form field you would use a hidden with a value of the email address that you want to cc or bcc to.
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