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Email Commands


I have just recently installed osTickets on our system here and am loving it.

It's far superior to the other free ticket systems available that can run on Linux.

I just have one suggestion, which is a feature I greatly enjoyed in our previous ticket system (Spiceworks) and that is email commands.

Email commands basically just allows the support team to effectively handle their tickets without ever having to login to the web portal - this also allows for effective handling of tickets if they're out of the office on their mobile phone.

Email commands are very simple, anywhere in the email message the staff can put in a command such as #close and when that email is parsed by the ticketing software it will detect the command and automagically close the ticket.

There are also plenty of other useful commands alongside #close such as #assign to staff, I will list below all of the commands that I think should be added to make osTicket the best ticket system available:

Priority of a ticket:
#priority high
#priority low

Close a ticket:

Assign the ticket:
Note: With this command, you can enter the email address of the assignee (you don't have to enter the entire email address, just enough to distinguish what admin the ticket is getting assigned to). You can also enter the first name of the assignee if it is defined in the User Accounts Table. Optionally use the first and last name to distinguish duplicate first names, e.g. Bob Smith and Bob Saget.

This will assign the ticket to the first user found with a first name of Bob:
#assign to Bob
The "to" in "#assign to" is optional:
#assign Bob Saget

CC a user:
Note: this command ONLY works with email addresses that have previously submitted tickets or are registered in Spiceworks. To add a completely new address, it will need to be added to the cc field of the ticket's email.
#cc [email][/email]

Make a comment private (equivalent to a Note):

Accept a ticket:
#assign to me

Create a ticket for someone else:
#created by user_email

Mute a Ticket (no notifications):

Un-Mute a Ticket (notifications back on):
#mute off

Reopen a closed ticket:

Unassign a ticket:

If these could be added in an official update, or released as a mod/add-on that would be brilliant, and if anyone has any comments, suggestions or criticism about my suggestion then I'd be glad to see your response :)


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