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Show all tickets

Hello ;)
i´m new (using osticket and with php), i´m recently inherited a cuztomization project of osticket.

I have a trouble with one of these chages, and when i can´t do it, ran for help.

the thing is:
I need add a new option, in order to show all the tickets and see like the next picture:


i don´t understand the reason to show all ticket but i need it.
i think these is in staff/ but i don´t know how...


Ps. sorry i know that I have a horrible english, :o


  • Nobody could help me?
    Please someone...:( I really need help with this
  • Why don't use the Advanced Search by selecting Status=Any? This way you will see both open and closed tickets.
  • hi equisde
    That´s... that´s is a good idea, i never have been give attention to the search area...
  • Glad to help you :)
  • Somewhat related

    Is there a way to have the ticket page default to "My Tickets" tab instead of "Open" tab?
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