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Datestamp showing 12/31/1969?

Hello, I just installed osTicket a few weeks ago using the installer included in my Fantastico scripts on my webserver. So I am running OST 1.3.1

My first tickets are showing a date of 12/31/1969 even though in the mysql database they are correct.

I am running Mysql 4.1.22
PHP 4.4.7
on an apache 1.3.39 machine.

Any ideas?



  • Upgrade to the current version.
  • I'd be more than happy to, except for the fact that the RC1 download file does not include upgrade instructions and I already have users submitting tickets to the system.
  • ahhh i see the problem... Last night i installed the version you have and had the same problem. Right after posting about it i noticed that versions prior to 1.6 are no longer supported so i installed the newest. BUT since that doesnt help you at the moment...

    Do you have a lot of tickets already in the cue?
  • No I've taken care of most of the tickets... I'm just always afraid of installing a non-release version. I was hoping it was just a simple fix as it seems the code is not reading the database correctly. I'm going to compare the code from a previous version if I can find it. I had the helpdesk installed on another company before and should have a backup of it.
  • Trying out the new version now.... Like the interface... cron is only grabbing one email account's mail out of the 3 I have setup. It is not deleting the email.

    So I'm not sure which is the lesser of two evils now.
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