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Due today / tomorrow / 7 days

Dear All,

Is it possible, how complicated is it, maybe someone already have it to:

have button to show open tickets that are due today / tomorrow / in 7 days
Some button next to open calls, closed calls, my tickets?

I am using OsTicket 1.7 and maybe its already there, I just cant find it :)

Many thanks for reply,


  • If anyone just could give me an idea where to start, I can try to do it myself...
  • The button would probably go in /scp/tickets.php at around line 540. However, I'm not sure of the back end stuff needed to make it work properly.

    Please post your code when done, as I would love to include this mod (and tweak it for a few other purposes)

  • Anyone maybe already have this mode or it is available in 1.8.2?
  • There is no 1.8.2 version.
    I'm not aware of anyone making a mod like this, if there was it would be here in the Mods and Customization section of the 1.8 forums. not the 1.7 forums where you posted.
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