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1.7 Fatal error /// database

I keep getting these error msgs emailed to me. I have searched for 3 days and cannot find out why.

the error is " can not connect to database"





  • Dumb question ...
    Can you connect to it manually ?
  • Hi and Thanks!

    OST is working just fine other than these alert emails.

    Have a clue what could be causing that?

    Its a linux box all up to date with what OST requires
  • The only time I have every seen that error was when MySQL wasn't running and answering connections.
  • Hi,

    Well that would make sense for one of the late night warnings when the server is backed up.

    I guess I can look @ the server logs and see if that could be the problem.

    Other than the pesky emails OST works and is working great!

    Thanks for you time and help!

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