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Where is the reports?

Hi ;)
I´m download the 1.7 version from the main page, but i didn´t found the reports area...It´s suppouse to be in Admin Panel => Dashboard => "reports",isn´t it? But it didn´t appears.. i only see "system logs"...
I really appreciate if some one could give me a north :p


  • You need to make sure tht the user your logged in with has permission to view statistics.

    Admin panel -> Staff -> Groups -> Your group.
    Can View Staff Stats should be yes.

    Once that's done then you can view statistics Staff panel => Dashboard.

    There is also the very nice reporting mod that scottro authored available at:
  • ntozier
    Hi for your time.
    I´m in the Admins Grup -is the default admins group - the option are all mark in "yes".
    The next is a list of the option:

    Can Create Tickets
    Can Edit Tickets
    Can Post Reply
    Can Close Tickets
    Can Assign Tickets
    Can Transfer Tickets
    Can Delete Tickets
    Can Ban Emails
    Can Manage Premade
    Can Manage FAQ
    Can View Staff Stats.

  • Then you should view statistics at Staff panel => Dashboard.
  • hmm but it isn´t...

    well don´t problem,
    i will try to download and install it again...
    thanks ntozier...
  • That screen shot you provided is of the Admin panel -> dashboard.
    Not the Staff panel -> dashboard. I feel like your looking on the wrong side of osTicket. :)
  • ups! you are rigth!
    thanks! and sorry for the troubles...
  • Very welcome. :)
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